Hello diabetes. Goodbye cat.

This weekend was a busy one. Joe’s mom came into town and we went out to east constantly. Silver Skillet, Six Feet Under, Ormsby’s, Fat Matt’s Rib Shack. On Sunday we decided that the brunch buffet at the 57th FIghter Group would be too much so we opted for West Egg instead. We go there at 11:30ish so of course there was a wait. But my friend Nadine was there from Thread and Canvas and she told me that another sale was forthcoming this May! Too happy about that.

After gorging myself the entire weekend I was going to take it light. But alas I did not. Banana Bread French toast for me with a side of bacon please. The caramel syrup that they float the huge pieces of banana bread has probably given me diabetes but that it ok. I have now tasted the sweetest thing in Atlanta and I am proud of that. The bacon and maple donut from Sublime donuts has nothing on this thing.

After saying goodbye to his mom at the airport we had the luxury if going to my moms house to bury her cat that just died. I wish I was kidding but I am not. Joe, being the dream husband that he is picked up the shovel and started moving ground. When he was done digging and she had placed the thing in the whole he asked, “Is that it? Are you going to say anything?”. My mother casually said, “No”, and Joe sealed the little things tomb. I only pray that “Pet Cemetery”has no actual facts to it. If it does that entire backyard is going to rise from the dead and she will be up the creek with out a paddle.

Happy Wednesday.


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