Life on the 10th Floor

Life is what you make of it. The decisions you make form that life so you better make the right ones. 36 years ago my mother made the decision to buy a home with her then husband, my ex-father. Now it is 2010 and she has to manage the lawn on that half-acre lot that she fully owns. A few weeks ago she nearly sliced off two of her fingers when she made the decision to get out early and mow the lawn with a sinus headache. Not a good choice! All is well now but she needs to have her lawn guy mow the back as well as the front now.

I once accused her of only having children so that she would have someone to do the lawnwork for her. She immediately said, “Yes, I did. Now go pick up those pinecones!” Because of this I loathe lawnwork. Not only do I never want to waste and entire Saturday spreading mulch and mowing, I really dont’t want to spend my money right now to have someone else do it for me! I don’t even want to drive up to my home and see something that needs to be done which would mean I would have to call the lawn guy. I like looking out of my windows and seeing the view above instead. No lawn to mow, no hedges to cut. If I want to walk in the grass or have a picnic, I can walk down a block to the park. Luckily I married a man who purchased a condo with this view. And luckily we share the same views when it comes to lawnwork… TIME WASTED! 

Now I am not frowning on people who have chose to purchase houses in Coweta County with three acres to mow. It is their choice. There are many types of living situations to suit the many moods of many types of people. What suits me is coming home, sitting on the balcony, and soaking up some vitamin D. Don’t hate.


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