A Nice Green One and a Nice Cold One

This week I am trying to enjoy many green ones; and by that I mean salads. I need to get in all of the water and leafy greens that I can as this Saturday is the 1st Annual Atlanta Winter Beerfest. I figure I can equal out 10+ pints of beer and goodness knows what greasy foods on the weekend with a healthy week. Checking out the beer list I see that many of my favorite brands will be on tap and I will be a good girl and try to combat the calories before they are added on. Today for lunch I had a big spring mix salad with grilled chicken and low fat yogurt. . I am attacking this event in the same way that I balanced out last weekend’s fried chicken in Memphis. Going into it with a pseudo clean and clear body that is a few ounces lighter so that the weight gain won’t be so bad.

Today is Wednesday and for tonight’s dinner I am looking forward to another salad and lots of water. My eyes are looking towards the prize of hoppy goodness and amber flavors that will warm my spirit and bones this weekend. Maybe even a grapefruit for dessert. It will all equal out right??
Strike the last paragraph. I did have the mega salad and I did two miles but when I got home the GirlScout cookies had arrived. Gotta keep it real.

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