Letters from Our Past

Recently my friend Lesley’s husband Sam began a blog dedicated to the posting of letters from his grandfather to his grandmother during World War II. You can find them at http://lettersfromokolona.blogspot.com/. The concept of letters from the past got me thinking about a beauty that may be gone forever, although I hope to keep it alive, the hand written word. How many phrases of hope, life and history will be forever lost to future generations because they were sent via text or email. No wonderful fading curls of penned script on yellowing paper that capture the passion of the era. So I say this, take the time to write a letter every once and a while. Actually print out a picture, put it in a frame, and write a little tale about the subjects of the photo on the back. I am sure that it will give your future children and grandchildren the joy and window to the past that those letters have given Sam.


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