1 Month to Go

Tomorrow, May 12th officially marks the 1 month mark till our wedding. I am so excited I could scream. Thanks to http://www.theknot.com/ I know that I am on track and what things I still need to take care of. This weekend I went with one of my bridesmaids Sybil to C and C Hair in Stone Mountain. They should call this place world of weave because that is what it is. I have never seen so many hair pieces, wigs, and bags of all types of fake hair in my life. It was a bit overwhelming because all we wanted was a little oomfh to our exsisting hair. I found a perfect match while Sybil was not as lucky. Why don’t they make ash brown hair??? She decided to dye her ash hair dark brown and then return to C and C to make a purchase.

Centerpiece building is going well. I am making a trip today to pick up all of the pieces I have collected so far to make the cutest centerpieces. The bottle with orchid above is one of the pieces that I have made. I am quite proud of it. I have also found some great ideas for using succulents in boutioneers that I am excited about.
Also on the plate this week is compiling our must-play song cds for our DJ. We have a few of them including the songs that we will walk down the ailse at the beginning and end of the ceremony. In addition we have to pick out our selections for wine, beer, and food. Making choices is not easy! Weeeeee!

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