Off into the Sunset

While looking for something completely non-design related, I stumbled upon this awesome magazione called Sunset. Design for those living in the west is the main theme of this monthly piece with everything from home to food to lifestyle. What really caught my eye was an article called “Lose the Lawn: Western homeowners are ditching their turf lawn in favor of low-water landscapes.” I am a HUGE hater of all things lawn…mowing it, raking it, picking 100 million pine cones off of it. Joe and I agree that outside work is the devil, especially in this Atlanta summer heat and we also agree that where ever our next home is it will not contain a huge yard. Their ideas were can one resist a yard made completely of gravel! I think the rest of us can take a cue from the westerners and go towards more drought tolerant lawn.
Their home decorating ideas were wonderful too with many alternative options for clutter control. Although it is not advertised as such it is really a GREEN-living publication that we all can get useful tips from. Heck..there was even an article on raising chickens in the suburbs! I think I may have found a replacement(we’ll see) for my beloved Domino!


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