The Weekend…

Was great…even though it included a bad tummy ache on Saturday night/Sunday morning. Saturday we had friends over for St. Patrick’s day cheer. It was rainy and cold but we all braved it. We took MARTA down to the parade then hit Side Bar which was not serving their all you can eat corned beef. I was NOT happy. But anyway. We then went back home for some Guiness, chocolate mint cheesecakes (thanks Nicole), and much Guitar Hero world tour. I got so many awesome birthday cards from my mom, friends, and clients at my job that Saturday was the perfect way to end my birthday celebration.
Sunday I got to have dinner at my favorite fatty place, Mary Macs Tea Rooom, with my brother in law Victor and his wife Natalia. It was my first time meeting her and she is so sweet. They are the proud parents of Victor Junior. The cutest little big man ever.

In a supreme move to secure my place as biggest loser ever I purchased the Grey’s Anatomy video game for my Nintendo DS as a birthday gift to myself. Never let it be said that I didn’t dork out during my life!


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