Let Go and Let Imagers……

So in the process of making our wedding invitations and all of the goodies that go with I ran into a problem. Trying to get the tiny reply cards/registry cards through the printer was impossible. I picked up a few of the ones I wanted to use at Sam Flax and decided to test them out. Crooked does not begin to describe the finished product. Tried it on another printer…just as bad. Just when I thought I would be spread out on our livingroom floor cutting big sheets of paper down into small cards I got a call from my rep at a local printing company.

I have used Imagers before for producing large display board pieces for work. Sherie, my rep, stopped by my office to drop off her paper sample swatch book that had just been produced and I realized I could probably get a quote from her on the printing. Why is the cost half that that if I had printed them myself for the same paper quality? And I don’t have to sit down with my cutter for hours on end.


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