Here we go!

photo by Alison Church.

Yesterday I put on my big girl panties and wrote a huge check to our wedding photographer. It wasn’t the largest check I’ve ever written but it symbolized us getting one step closer to our wedding day. We are very excited to have her there to document our big day.
We also created our gift registry at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Previously we created one at Crate and Barrel and a small wish list on I have been doing the math and I fear that we may have to add a few more gifts. We shall see.
Next week I visit our caterers and I am sooo excited to cofirm our date with that other huge check. Deposits are big, scary, but sooo awesomely meaningful when you know the great event the money is going towards!
This week or next, save the date cards will go into the mail! Weeeeeee. I am very excited about my design. Now to get to work on those invitations.

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