A Few of My Favorite Things

Material things are just things but we all have our favorites. I have been meaning to photograph some of my stuff and put the pics online to show off some wonderful crafts. Here goes:

I got this zombie doll at my favorite store in St. John, USVI. It called Caravan Gallery. I usually buy jewlery from them but when I walked in and saw this doll I had to have it to add to my collection. www.caravangallery.com. Notice the stitches on her forehead. What you cannot see is the red thong underwear that were drawn on her with a Sharpie!

I picked up this owl at this years’ Chomp and Stomp festival in Cabbage Town. There were several nice craft vendors there. I also found some cool magnets with airplanes on them for Joe.

This little kitty is from my first trip to St. Thomas. I call him voodoo kitty but he is actually kind of pirate looking. The mis-matched eyes are great.

This isn’t hand made but I love it! Joe bought me this ceramic version of the famous NYC coffee cup for Christmas. It dosen’t have a handle and can get hot to the touch when you actually have a drink inside but I love it just the same.


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