What Did I Tell You…..

I hate to say I told you so but a few blog entries ago I mentioned how thin the girls were who were on the new version of 90210. Way too skinny for my liking. Unfortunately it would appear that they have become even thinner.

Why do we champion the binge-and-purge set??? In this era of organic and pesticide free foods why are these women pressured not to put clean fuel in their bodies but to not eat at all? Nicole Richie, Kiersten Dunst, Kate Moss are not cute. They have the bodies of 10 year old girls, (actually I think I was beefier than them at that age.)

I would love to see how many calories they consume in a day and if their diets are balanced. And please don’t say they work out. Women who work out and live HEALTY lives with HEALTHY diets do not look like that. They look like Claire Danes walking down the street. See her? That is healthy. That is a great body. See how she has thighs?? Yeah, we as women are supposed to have those.

As I train for my 5K I see images of these kinds of bodies in magazines for running and pilates and it confirms my positive body image. The body that comes from working out on a regular basis, eating many small meals during the day and getting in some chocolate cake now and then. Even before my training began women like America Ferrara, Lela Ali, Mandy Moore, Eva Mendez always looked normal to me. Like the dolls I had as a child that with dark hair, eyes, and skin I like celebrities who look like me. That me is healthy and happy, not starving and angry.

Does anyone have a ham sandwich? I know some girls who need it.


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