Cocktails at the Botanical Gardens

Last night I met my friend Karin at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens for Cocktails in the Garden. She has been traveling nonstop doing summer camps, competing in tennis tournaments and being an all around international diva. We enjoyed a ladies evening out that I would recommend to everyone. Every Thursday night from 6-10 now till September you can sip drinks and listen to the DJ stylings of Cozy Shawn. Each month features a different drink and flower and for July is was Lilies and Lemon Drops. Guest restaurants cater tasty treats as well. This weeks food was catered by The Sundial.

Beautiful scenery….

I am a huge fan of Cozy from my days hanging out at MJQ and the last time I saw him was at Karin’s birthday party. It was good to see and hear him again and see the new exhibit at the garden. Sculpture in Motion: Art Choreographed by Nature is a beautiful instillation that will be on view from now till October 31st. Admission to the gardens is $12.00 and if you visit on Cocktail Thursdays all drinks are only $3.00 from 6-7.

Cozy Shawn spinning tunes and art in motion.

Me and Karin’s shiny foreheads


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