Dear Ralph Lauren

Got a cute skirt this weekend. Ralph Lauren, silk, cream…unfortunately it was made in China. Why can’t All American Ralph make his clothes here???? I don’t know either so I sent him an email and asked him. I will get the physical address and send a hard copy also…..

The Ralph Lauren name is synonymous with classic American style. Your advertising depicts all American models in beautiful New England coastal settings and picturesque polo match scenes. Imagine my surprise when I looked at the label of a recently purchased skirt of yours to see that it was actually made in China. Is your message that “All American” means made in another country with cheaper labor?? How can a company that prides itself on being an icon of American style and fashion not be made in the very country it claims to represent?

If you want America to be the powerful, beautiful, successful country seen in your marketing you could start by empowering US industry and manufacture your clothes in this country. What better way to outfit the US Olympic team than to have them wear clothing made by American hands in America??

Thank you,

Maria Portgee


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