And We’re Off….

I spent my lunch hour today at New Natalie’s bridal boutique. I had a few photos with me but mostly I wanted to get a feel for what works for me…lace, v-necks and halters. A feel for what dosen’t work for me…trumpet skirts, mermaid shirts and tons of sparkles. A feel for the amount of cash I will have try not to shell out…the dresses I tried on hovered in the $1000 range.

I have heard some good and bad things about the place but overall my mother and I had a pleasant time. I tried on an amazing lace covered cream gown with a halter top and sweep train. It had a wee bit too many sparkles for me but it definitely showed me what I like in a dress.

I was really happy to see the amount of lace dresses they had. I am really tired of seeing strapless everywhere but they had a great selection of lace ones that I won’t completely count out. I have to stay open minded. If you have any suggestions on places I should go where I will not break the bank finding the style I am looking for I would greatly appreciate it.

On my way back to work I talked to my dear friend Karin who has been sick sick puky sick. Thank God she is on the mend. And I gave her a little more cheer up juice when I asked her to be a part of my wedding party. She was over the moon and so was I knowing how excited she was. Rounding out my bridal party will be Alicia Richhart (best friend from college, intro’d me to Joe), Nicole Ricotta(my twin twin), Sybil Davis(we pass back and forth the role of being the other one’s rock). My final request will go to Joe’s cousin Nikki.

I plan on sending them each a formal request in the mail. I can be so old fashioned!!


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