2008 Creative Loafing Beerfest and Beer’lympics

It’s that time again. Creative Loafing’s 3rd annual Beerfest and Beer’lympics. My sweet Joe and I went last year and had the most amazing time and the most amazing beer and food. Here is what cln.com says about it:

BEER’LYMPICS. Don’t worry, though – everyone’s a winner in this Olympic-sized competition, with spectator-sport energy required for games such as cornhole, flip cup and beer pong. A sampling smorgasbord of more than 120 types of beer, including Petaluma, Calif.’s Lagunitas Brewing Company and local festival omnipresence Sweetwater Brewing Company, will entice festival-goers, along with music and food from local restaurants such as Mellow Mushroom

I am uberexcited to see that they will have a flip cup competition. I was at a party this past winter and was on the ultimate winning flip cup team. I know I am 37-years old and some would say to old for the game and to them I say”SHUSH”. I hope get Joe, Nic and Wadner to join me in the quest for local flipcup glory!!

Tickets are $15 for designated drivers and $30 for the drinkers. See you there.


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