Thrifting Away

I think I will spend today’s lunch hour at the Atlanta Junior League Thrift Store. I was in desperate need of a thrilling thrift experience last Saturday only to be crushed by the fact that the Marietta Last Chance Thrift Stores has closed its doors. It was such a blow because that is the store where I found a vintage Lily Pulitzer dress that fit me perfectly for $7.00. Now I know you will call me an ITP(Inside The Perimeter) snob but the other locations are wayyyyyyy out in Lawrenceville, Lithia Springs and some other places I will need a GPS to find. All I wanted was some cute. inexpensive dress action. I am addicted to them and was hoping to score some more.

My thrifting days began years ago when me and my classmates would venture down Moreland Ave to the Value Village. Our mission was to wardrobe the latest school play, but what I found instead was a treasure trove of broken in men’s jeans and suit vests. My greatest find was a red satin vest with white braided cording on the side pockets that was obviously part of a band uniform. It was worshipped by all. At that point I was hooked and was able to find “corporate attire” for my first “real” job at Arthur Andersen and a cute peach and cream stiped skirt that still had the Urban Outfitter tags on it.

The pride and joy of my thrift collection came to me from another country. My friend, Kat Bang, was teaching English in Japan through the Jet Program. She scored me a beautiful kimono at a fleamarket in front of a Buddist Temple. I am sure it lead an amazing life before coming to me.

The hardest thing about thrifting is finding a store that sells good, clean, unstained stuff. You have no idea what some folks will put on the racks! I’m not looking for Cavalli but come on people. Ditch the pit stained blouses! My Saturday of sad thrift news wasn’t all bad though as I found two beautiful dresses on the TJ Maxx clearance racks for $19.00 each. One a mod black shift with pockets, and the other a very Donna Reed sleeveless floral with full skirt and pockets (note the pattern?) Below are some links to local thrift stores you may want to scout. I won’t ask you to send in your favorites because who wants others bogarting their fishing hole??!!!


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