Getting ready…to eat.

This being my first blog entry I feel I should wax on and on about one of my favorite subjects…FOOD. Sweet Joe and myself have reservations at Chima this evening and I cannot wait. Brazilian steakhouses are the greatest invention since Burt’s Bees lip balm and we are going to eat up. I fully plan to give a brief synopsis about myself in the corner or something but what better way to get to know me than to learn my likes and dislikes.

Now back to the food.

I have to tell you when we got a coupon in the mail for buy one dinner get one free at Chima we sat and stared at it. Their dinners are $45 per person. It was like winning the coupon lotto. We are night tightwads… merely thrifty. With gas being $4.00 a gallon you’ve got scrimp where you can. We have also taken advantage of the Savvy Shopper that comes monthly(buy one entree get one free at Agave). Also the Creative Loafing Bites and Eats coupons are the bomb. $25.00 for $50 worth of food and drink at The Globe…who can beat that?!

As is customary when preparing to go to an all you can eat meat factory we have planned to eat light/not at all today. I had a Lean Cuisine sandwich and a few nuts for lunch and I am sure Sweet Joe hasn’t eaten at all. We will be starving by our reservation time of 7:00 pm. I must advise you to not be in the vacinity of Peachtree and Piedmont shortly before that time as we will be flying down the road to get there and he has been playing Grand Theft Auto 4 so we probably won’t stop for the red lights if we can help it.

I will give you all of the juicy meaty details later. Kiss….


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