Smoked Trout Spread for Your Weekend Happiness



I took this photograph on New Year’s Day at my friend Victor and Rachel’s brunch. The bowl to the left is filled with the yummiest schmear of all time. It is smoked trout spread.

I forgot to get the recipe on that day; but last weekend when I had them along with other friends over for brunch they came and brought some with them. That was Sunday and I have eaten far too much of it this week. Not to say I’m going to stop anytime soon – this stuff is good on bagels, crackers, carrot sticks, EVERYTHING. And I was smart enough to get the recipe this time.

When you have the love you have to share the love so here goes. From the house of Stopeck,
I bring you Smoked Trout Spread:

Get a big bowl and mix…….

1 pack of 8oz cream cheese
1/4 cup sour cream
2 big ass table spoons of prepared horseradish
A bit more than a little dill
1 package of smoked trout ( if you can get white fish even better)
and a bit of lemon juice
Mash it all up till smoothish( I like texture) then DONE!!!