The DC Comic Encyclopedia

What We Are Reading – December 9th

This installment of What We Are Reading is comic focused, surprise!!! You know the Pinkelton household likes to read comics and my book pics for this week are all graphically driven. Here goes…..


Tiny Titans Sidekickin' It

Tiny Titans Sidekickin’ It by Art Balthazar Franco

Aaron has his face in this series as usual and requests we read him a few of the stories every night before bedtime. The books reference characters who grow up to become real adult heroes and villains. A few of these good and bad guys are unfamiliar to me which means that after he goes to sleep I have to reference…


The DC Comic Encyclopedia

The DC Comics Encyclopedia

Yes this book does exist and yes it does rock. We also have the Marvel version this and both of them are read for fun and as reference guides. You must have them on hand if your kid or you are into the comic world.


Understanding Comics

Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud

In catching up on my Girl on Guy podcast listening, Aisha Tyler and her guest Scott Gimple of the Walking Dead spoke of this book.  It gets deep into the history, meaning, and art behind of of my favorite forms of literature. I have a few weeks off for the holiday and hope to get this one read by the new year.

What are you guys reading this holiday season?