Parenting Journey Number 2

photo courtesy of Flickr Commons

During bath time our son enjoys playing games. Sailing tiny boats, spelling words with foam letters – usually the usual for a three year old boy. A now a new game has been added and it is a laugh riot! It involves him putting a purple plastic linking ring over his Johnson and then asking us to look at how funny it is. Isn’t that just side splitting?

The first time he did it I just shook my head. Prior to this, he enjoyed simply pulling his twig and his berries like an old school Stretch Armstrong, while exclaiming, “My penis is awesome.” By comparison this ring toss game isn’t as bad as it doesn’t put the possibility of grandkids in peril.

The second time, the ring around the wanker was showcased with a pelvic thrust that would put the cast of the Rocky Horror Picture Show to shame. My response to the performance? I shook my head and walked off. Dad was not home for that show; but laughed out loud when I told him. I’m glad he thinks it was funny.

Recently Aaron’s best friend exposed himself at school to a less than appreciative crowd. If our son decides bring his own private parts performance to the masses I will send his number one fan aka Dad to go to bat for him. I’m sure it will be hilarious.