Kids table and chairs

Mommy Gets What She Wants for Christmas and Disguises it as a Gift for the Kid!

I have a few problems with my mom. Call them first world problems if you must but they are problems nonetheless. They stem from her wanting to decorate our home for our son, her grandson. She does not ask, she just shops.

The first offense was a leather (vinyl) basketball chair and ottoman. The reason it was offensive is that his room is all spaceships, rockets and robots. No sports, no where. Sports are fine; but that is not the look I was trying to mimic from Pinterest thank you very much! There is a theme and as long as he is a wee lad his dad and myself like the look of the galaxy rug and the framed Star Trek posters on the wall.

Luckily he liked to use it as a weapon of mass destruction to get to high up places, turn the light on and empty things from drawers. It is now in the attic. When she came to visit after it was moved I told her how he was using the chair and she totally understood. Whew!

Next up, his second birthday party. She shows up with a baby blue and pink Little Tykes table and chairs. My face is scrunching up just thinking about it. 

View the madness here…..


Do we have room for that? Sure, room can be made.

Does it match anything in our house? Heck no!!!!!

Initially I went back to trusty Pinterest where I saw step by step instructions on how to paint over those pastel plastic terrors and make them go with your flow. My question is, “Who has time for that!?”I don’t. I do however have time to stare at that ugly table and chairs in our den. And stare. And stare.

I have been lazy and staring for one full year until this past weekend. I decided to look on the web to see if I could find something a little more suitable for mommies taste. I stumbled upon the Hayneedle website and this cutie patootie.

Lipper table and chairs

The Lipper Walnut Table and Chairs from

Bask in the glory of its NON-PINK CHAIRS! Love the NON-PLASTIC-NESS of it all!!! It was on sale for $43 with no tax and free shipping. I promptly hit BUY and now this little puppy is on its way to our humble abode.  I am looking forward to a lot this year. Seeing our North Carolina family, giving my husband his awesome presents, seeing Aaron’s face when he meets Santa at the mall next week; but I am most looking forward to this table and chairs. Damn, I really am a mom. One who needs for her house to still look like grownups live there; but a mom for sure!