I’d Like to Eat – Pastries from La Calavera Bakery


Next door to the Avondale MARTA Station on East College Avenue sits a quaint little ship called the La Calavera Bakery. The large window in the front is painted with a calavera (skull) wrapped in two sprigs of grain and crowned with a glowing OPEN sign. It kind of piques your interest. I’d driven past it numerous times before deciding to stop by one morning to see what they had inside. My pastry loving self is so happy that I did. Small and large fresh baked loaves of bread and other carb filled goodies greet you at the door. Chocolate babkas, pan de muerto,sprouted whole wheat and sourdough breads line the shelves and fill the air with enticing aromas. While the sweet smells occupy your nose; the calaveras made from sugar, ceramic and wooden that decorate the shop are a delight for the eyes.


Out all of the choices I selected a pepper, corn, and cheddar empanada, a cinnamon brioche roll, and a cup of coffee to top it all off. It was a buttery, savory, flakey and tasty way to start off my day. All of their items are baked fresh everyday and they are open on weekends. Toasted fruit and nut filled bread with butter on top is a weekend brunch favorite of mine so I will be returning to grab a whole wheat with cranberries and pecans loaf.

If you are looking for something out of the ordinary for breakfast, brunch, dessert or to bring to the office this holiday season, stop by this bakery. Learn more about the shop and see their daily menu at their website lacalaverabakery.wordpress.com. If you are in the giving spirit visit their KickStarter page to help fund their purchase of a bigger oven so they can make even more sweet treats. Visit the page here.



On the Radio!

CaptureI had the great pleasure of speaking on DeKalb Business Today’s Power Lunch radio show. The topic was food in DeKalb county and joining me on the show was LeeAnn Miller who is the General Manager for Iberian Pig, and Hilde Friese who is the wonderful owner of The Village Corner. I added my voice as local foodie and blogger.

Check it out by clicking here. I must say that I was starving after finishing the show. If you are in the area I highly recommend you stop by one or both of these established DeKalb eateries. For those not in the area, listen with a sandwich nearby!

I’d Like to Eat- Anything at Makan

Last night I enjoyed a fine meal with an old friend at Makan. This Chinese/Korean spot located in the Marriott Courtyard in downtown Decatur has been open for nearly a year and it is a great addition to the local food scene. Everything from the service, to the spirits, to the delectable food was perfect.

We tried several options from their Happy Hour menu which serves half priced delights from 5-7pm. I highly recommend their Pork Belly Buns and House Seasonal Kimchi. My husband will be surprised by that second choice as I usually don’t like Kimchi but recently it has been growing on me. The recipe they use includes ginger which is one of my favorite flavors. For the main course I enjoyed their spicy ramen with overnight pork. This dish is perfect for the colder months or, if you are like me, for people battling seasonal allergies. That hot kick really opens your sinuses up.

I washed it all down with this crazy, cloudy beverage that is presented in a tea pot and drunk from a bowl called Kooksoondang- Draft Makkoli. It is a wine/saki type drink that is served cold. I am adventurous in my cocktails and this adventure did not disappoint. It has the full flavor that you usually find with saki but somehow they dialed it back a notch and it was quite pleasant.  Of course I had to take a photo of the bottle because it is not possible that I will be able to remember that name to find it on a menu.

A few photos from my pretty meal…


Check out Makan’s menu and learn more about their Wednesday night bar-b-que and weekend dim sum brunches at here. 

What yummy food have you eaten recently???