For the Love of TEDx

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A while back I made a big to-do list for the year 2014. One of the things on the list was to volunteer for TEDxPeachtree 2014. I can proudly say I jumped into the project and it has been great fun. I am on the communications/social media team and I have had the joy of speaking with TEDx talent as well as watching more talks than you can imagine. In the role I have met some great new people and learned a lot about how much work it takes to produce a TED or Tex event.

If you are in Atlanta October 17th buy your tickets by clicking here.

Read my blogposts leading up to the event by clicking here.

For all of you who are wondering TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design. 


My CommonCreativ Q&A with Carlton Hargro

Last month I had the opportunity to interview a guy I  have known for ages named Carlton Hargro. He has lived many lives since we first met from doing security in a homeless shelter to Editor of Creative Loafing in Charlotte, NC;  but we sat down to talk about all things creative, his love for the city of Atlanta and his African-American Superhero Anthology project. Read the article here

My Quarters Magazine Article – Through the Looking Glass: Things I Wish I Had Known in My 20s

One of the best time during my 20s

One of the best times during my 20s

As I approach this thing called middle-age, it seems fitting that I was asked to do a piece on looking through the wormhole – what I wish I had known in my 20s. My first instinct was to simply say , “The winning lottery numbers for the next 10 years,” but I digress.

My name is not Biff Tannen (that is a “Back to the Future” reference for you young whipper snappers) and I completely believe that the space-time continuum is not to be trifled with. I have to stick to what wisdom could have realistically served me without massive monetary gain. My list is full of worries and doubt that kept me up at night, made me doubt my talents, my brains and most of the choices that I have made for the last 20 years.

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