Up and Up

Some women freak out as they see the scale rise during their pregnancies. On the other hand, I had been freaking out because I didn’t see it moving very much. It has been a steady, healthy (according to the doctor) climb and I have gained nearly 20lbs. The last few weeks the lbs have been coming on steadily but I have no fear because it is all in my boobs and belly. I am convinced my boobs are filling with sand. Seriously, what the heck man!? How can they weigh this much!!??? My hips and thighs are virtually unchanged except I am certain my hips have spread a bit. I am still in many pre-pregnancy bottoms with the help of my bella band.

Today makes 25 weeks 3 days. Hambone is roughly 13.6 inches long and weighs about 2lbs. The increased weight has been accompanied by increased movement. In the beginning it was more clock driven. At certain times of the day Hambone would get to moving. Now it is anytime all of the time. Let me kick and punch over here. Let’s try a barrel roll cause it’s 12 midnight and I am pretty sure she is still awake.

Joe made a great point of how active they appear to be inside the womb but as soon as they pop out they just sleep a lot. I wonder after it is born if it will wake up and dance around when I play Van Halen like it does in the car?