Save The Date!

Joe and I prepared our save the date cards last night. It was the first preparation thing we have done for the wedding and I was excited. I did them myself and incorporated the above photo of the midtown skyline. I will be placing in the mail in January and am so excited for people to being planning to be there.
I am currently researcing invitation wording and trying to find little flags that can be stuck into our cupcakes at the reception. I am really thinking about Joes analogy of us as being the flag and the pole and want to incoporate that somehow.
We are now at 164 days till the wedding and I feel extremely behind. I guess it is the maniac in me!!!


Where do the days go….

My social calendar is non-existant this month as my life/work calendar has taken center stage. I am in the middle of organizing crew, script, and speakers for my first work related video shoot that I will produce/Organizing two junior wheelchair basketball teams/Organizing my wedding guest list!!! But beyond all of that many good things have happened….

1. Bridesmaids dresses were decided on!

2. We decided on our caterer…

3. Our photographer…

4. Our colors….coral and orange

Joe is taking it all in stride but I am so happy to have so many things crossed off the list. I look forward to sending save-the-date cards next month. Next monday I have an appointment at Papyrus papers at Lenox to look at invitations. Honestly I may end up being my own crafty girl and doing them myself. I have found some beautiful ideas on And so many options in our color scheme.

I couldn’t have a better batch of bridesmaids. Here is a pic of us having drinks after our experience at David’s Bridal. They are so awesome, bright, funny and willing to help. Sybil is such the planner. She has already stated that if we are going to do the center pieces ourselves we better get cracking on them by having random crafty weekends. I sure our works of art will be beautiful. Hopefully all of the guests will enjoy them.

I hope that during the month of December, Joe and I will have more snuggly on the sofa time. There are so many things penciled in on my calendar but nowehere is “Me”.

How Much is a Wedding???

As the numbers for our nuptuals begin to multiply (you heard me, MULTIPLY, not ADD up), visions of eloping dance in my head. Do you know what we could do with that money??? And the economy is crazy right now. I must say that I can’t get other marriage options out of my head. I will keep you posted.