the $100.00 giftcard

For my 40th brthday I received a $100 Visa giftcard. It is by far my favorite type of gift because it is limitless. Well technically (except for the $100 bit). The last time I was given one was for Christmas and I bought two amazing purses that I covet daily.

This time I wanted to see how far my money could go, and I have been very surprised. First I took a trip to Star Provisions. This wonderful store has baked goods, cheeses, coffee, purses and amazing home finds perfect for that bare little nook on your shelf. There I found this little bird…

He was a mere $11 and a great addition to my desk at work if I do say so myself. Also I found to matte coated letter blocks with my initials for $8 each. $27.00 down.

On a trip to TJ Maxx on Friday I found this great cotton summer number in black that will work year round I think with tights a cardigan and boots.

The cost was $20.00 which is an amazing bargain. Not only are ruffles very hot right now; but the empire waist makes it the perfect frock for beerfests. You know what I’m talking about. 

Yesterday I dropped by H&M at Atlantic Station. There I found a grey jersey knit maxi dress that looks just like this one available at Dorothy Perkins which is a shop in the UK. I would recommend heading to your local H&M as it is $10 there and 29 pounds at Dorothy Perkins. That exchange rate is a bugger.

So there you go. A little over half of my card used and many awesome things have been found. Now what bargains can I find with the remaining $53.00?