I’d Like to Eat- Food From My Hilton Head Holiday



Recently we took a trip to Hilton Head Island. We have a bonafide beach baby and he had not had his feet in the sand in nearly a year. This makes year four that we have visited the island and it was perfect as usual. We lucked out with the weather and they have a lot to do for families with wee tots. I penned a kid friendly piece on the island for Red Tricycle last year and you can see it here. However, this post is dedicated my favorite subject to the food and drink of HHI.

It is not a secret that we Pinkeltons like to eat. When we travel we really like to eat. All bets are off when you leave your zip code/area code or time zone and  I believe to really experience a place you must eat all that they have to offer. This especially holds true when you go anywhere near the coast because seafood is God’s gift to us all, and who is going to say no when presented with said gift? Not this girl. I recently lost ten freaking pounds just so I could eat tons of food on vacation while wearing a bathing suit and not look like 20 pounds of crap in a ten pound bag while doing it. Here is a list of a few things I stuffed in my face…..

Plantation Cafe and Deli’s New York Eggs Benedict  – I love to try different versions of eggs benedict while we are on vacation and this meal was so tasty. Crispy corned beef hash is a guilty pleasure of mine and that is what is added to this dish to give it the NYC moniker. I proudly cleaned my plate and had about three cups of coffee. My stomach was full and I was wired! A great way to start the day.

Holy City Clementitious – This pale ale made with Jarrylo hops and fruit flavors is great for the beach/pool with its light taste and aluminum can packaging. As usual I fell in love with this drink only to learn I will not see it in Georgia anytime soon. This beer was made exclusively for Harris Teeter grocery store which are nowhere to be found in our state. XOXO…until we meet again this time next year.

Steamer Seafood’s Sizzlin’ Seafood Dip – This is shrimp, crabmeat and cheese served with tortilla chips. The only way it could be better would be if it was sprinkled with fairy dust and a unicorn brought it to your table. If you are looking for something a little lighter I also highly recommend their Charleston She-Crab soup.  Yum!

He’Brew Bittersweet Lenny’s R.I.P.A.  – To say this is hop forward would be an understatement. This American Double IPA packs a punch which is why it is so fitting that they names it after Lenny Bruce. It went down easy with a malty smooth finish which is a bad thing  considering its high alcohol content.

Aunt Chilada’s Grilled Shrimp Tacos – This spot belongs to the Coastal Restaurant and Bars (CRaB) group the Hilton Head area. I would love to try the others but this one is right on target every time. When  the kid asked for crab legs their menu offered a kid’s portion with a side of fries. What four year old wants crab legs? Our young foodie, that’s who.

My grilled shrimp tacos were some of the best that I have ever had. I believe that shrimp tacos only need three ingredients: good shrimp, fresh pico and a great Baja sauce. These fit that requirement perfectly. I may have to call them and see if they can throw a few in a Fed-Ex box and send them to me for lunch.

It is possible that I didn’t gain back the ten pounds that I lost before visiting Hilton Head? Possible, but highly unlikely.

What did you eat on your summer vacation?


Everything We Did, Saw, and Ate in Oregon… to the Best of My Recollection

Portland street art

I thought that the best way to summarize our trip was in photos and links to some of the fab places we visited while we were on vacation in Oregon. It has taken me an entire week to put this post together and I am still not sure I remembered them all. We went from Astoria, Cannon Beach, Hood River and finally Portland. The views were scenic, the air crisp and the food and drinks were ever flowing. Here is everything  that I loved and you will love about the great state of Oregon.



Where to stay…

Holiday Inn Express Astoria

Hood River Hotel

Hallmark Resort and Spa at Cannon Beach

Mark Spencer Hotel … adorable and central to everything you want to do








What to drink…

The Triple IPA at Pfriem Family Brewers is one of the best beers I’ve ever had

Double Mountain Brewery has a great selection of beers and pizza

Big Horse Brew Pub

Full Sail Brewery

So many sour beers and so little time at the Cascade Brewing Barrel House

Buoy Beer

Fort George Brewery

Horse Brass Pub

Bailey’s Taproom has 24 delicious rotating taps. Be sure their selection upstairs at the Upper Lip


Bridgeport Brewing

Base Camp Brewing

Burnside Brewing 

Pepe Le Moko


LoxInAstoriaWhat to eat…

Astoria Coffee House and Bistro

Wonderful breakfast sandwiches at the River Daze Cafe

Bijou Cafe has yummy oyster hash

The Original Dinerant 

Raven & Rose makes a killer roasted pork and scotch eggs


Gonzo Falafel and Hummus created the outstanding Kibbutz Ball

Wayfarer Restaurant

And I can’t leave out Voodoo Doughnuts 






Other places to visit….

Powell’s Books

Multnomah Falls

International Rose Test Garden

Astoria Column

Hillsboro Hops Stadium

Cannon Beach 


What is your favorite travel destination?

What We Are Reading – September 21st

The Pinkelton’s went to the beach last week and took some fine reading materials with us. They were mostly graphic novels/comic books; with the exception of mommy’s ten pound Vogue fall issue. More about my hits and misses from that tome on the next post. Our picks fell into just about any category you could hope for: funny, educational, rebellious and down right brilliant. They were:


March Book One

March: Book One

I had the chance to read this first book in a trilogy by and about the life and times of civil rights leader Congressman John Lewis. The collection of stories from his youth raising chickens to his participation in many lunch counter sit-ins spans a distant time; but covers struggles that continue to exist today. Click here to buy your own copy.


Tiny Titans Adventures in Awesomeness

Tiny Titans Adventures in Awesomeness

The kid is a fan of any superhero so this book is a big hit. Art Balthazar creates short and funny adventures for these young offspring of some of our most well-loved comic book characters. All of the books in this series include mazes, puzzles, and object finding activities in between the humorous stories. Click here to get one for your own little hero.




The husband had his face in this book for most of our trip. This tale is one of paranoia, journalism, politics and many other themes that are relevant in present times. The protagonist Spider Jerusalem is no hero and this quality make him pretty relatable given his journey and the dire circumstances of the world he lives in. Get your own copy as well as others in the series here.

What are you guys reading as we head into fall?