My Profile Pic



Today a lot of my friends and family on Facebook have changed their profile pics to include an overlay of the French flag. 

As I have seen too many things in my 44 years, I am unable to change my profile pic to mimic theirs.  I am sure you have seen too many things too.

Too many girls kidnapped by the Boko Haram who have never returned to their families.

Too many Syrian refugees who I am sure washed up on the beach that the media did not take photos of.

Too many children who were victims of stray bullets.

Too many veterans who are homeless or struggling with PTSD.

Too many dollars spent on “defense” while too many of those vets continue to kill themselves every day.

Too many people labeled for their disabilities instead of their abilities. 

Too many children making their way through the school to prison pipeline.

Too many victims of ethnic cleansing.

Too many suicide bombers. 

Too many mass shootings at schools, malls, movie theatres.

Too many trans men and women committing suicide.

Too many victims of sex trafficking.

Too many men and women killed while in police custody.

Too many black men called “thugs” while too many while men are referred to as “emotionally unwell.” 

I am sure there are many who I have failed to mention, but there are just too many. So I am changing my profile pic to include all of those people. I have changed it to the world. That is where my heart and thoughts are.