Weaning Off Baby

Last night was the first night that Joe and I let Aaron cry it out regarding his paci. Basically the kid is lazy and we have been going into his room when he looses his paci and cries for it during the night. We would find it somewhere in the crib or on the floor and pop it back into his mouth. We decided that he either needs to find it himself or simply go back to sleep. The truth is he really does not need it as he naps without it every day at daycare. But these habits die hard in little ones and it is hard to imagine he is getting to an age where he should no longer need it.

Last night before bed we popped in our earplugs and went to sleep. Although the husband never heard it I was awoken at 3:43 to Aaron crying,
“Mommy, daddy, paci!” This lasted for about thirty minutes until he fell back to sleep. It was not easy but I was glad I held my ground and resisted going to him.

This morning he was still upset and asked for it until he was at the breakfast table with milk and waffle to distract him.

Tonight Joe let him go to sleep with it. “We can take it slowly,” he said. Earplugs it is then.