Spring! Wonderful Spring!

Although the sun is in the sky, snow is forecasted for later on this week. Really Mother Nature? I am ready for a wee bit warmer temperatures. Not only do I annually like the sweet smell of spring, I can now fit into my pre-preggers clothing which is so nice. It is like I have a whole new wardrobe.

As I looked through latest Real Simple magazine I saw an ad for Talbot’s with an adorable blouse. I used to think that this place was strictly old lady and cast it off as another shop I waited outside of while my mom shopped their fashions. About two years ago I realized I was wrong when we visited their clearance center and I fell in love with a sweet white cotton embroidered skirt of theirs. I am a sucker for a cute a-line or full skirt. This spring they have an amazing collection of clothing that is all my style! Full skirts, slim cardigans/pull over sweaters and beige and blue! Upon visiting their webpage I fell in love with this skirt…

I deemed it something I must see in real life at the store. I hate it when something looks cute until you see it in person and it looks like it came from Ross(how I HATE that place). So after visiting Aaron’s doctor I stopped by the Talbot’s on Peachtree and fell in love with it. After trying it on and getting that awesome Audrey Hepburn feeling(that means that it is just my style and will never go out of style) I got it. It will be a welcomed addition to my skirt collection that I rely on heavily every season. Really like these shoes but the price is an ouchy! While I am a huge fan of kitten heel slingbacks and flats I really cannot pay $129.00 for them.

I’m off to iron freshly unpacked clothes and pray for a change in this 20 degree forecast!