Yes, I know you are thinking, “Hey she spelled that wrong!” I am actually talking about the satellite radio company. When I bought my 2008 Jetta it came with the car and was a pleasant surprise. I was returing my old lease and simply getting another one in the same color so my salesman had one ready for me when I got to the dealership. I signed on the dotted line. Took my plate off of the old car, put it on the new one and drove off.

It was nearly a week later that I wondered what the SAT button was on my radio so I pressed it. It was at that moment that I crossed into the wonderful world of satellite radio. They had my every mood covered with more than 130 stations. Driving around town doing errands on saturday?? The Frank Sinatra channel is a nice soundtrack. Accoustic is more your speed? CoffeeHouse has tons of covers and live recordings you will love. Every morning is spent with 132/NPR. My rides home are usually on 107/E! Radio and the Michael Yo talk show. He is always dishing good gossip!! My current addiction is Broadway’s Best. I have had some of my most productive days with the soundstrack to The Sound of Music, Evita and Rent playing in the background.

The top three things about Sirius are:
1. I never lose a signal. I can drive to Cali and listen to one station the
entire way!
2. It is only $12.95 a month. A bargain for a place where I can find Martha
Stewart and old school hip hop.
3. I can listen on my computer at work at no extra charge!!!

The only downside is there are too many choices. But really, is that a bad thing??