Seven months

Yesterday my husband and I celebrated our seven month anniversary. I didn’t realize the seven month mark was upon us already and was so happy that he had remembered. This last month was not the easiest after the passing of his grandfather. While in Greensboro for the funeral I was able to meet many other Pinkeltons who were not able to make it to the wedding. They are an amazing bunch and I am so proud to be one of their clan. Joe’s cousin Charles recently sent Joe’s mom an email stressing the imporatance of family staying in touch and gathering more frequently. It is not good when the sad times are the only time that families get together or make their feelings known. In his message he said, ” Remember the one thing we need to say to each other more is I LOVE YOU and know that we really mean it and the person we say it to knows we do.” Great words from a great guy.

I know that Joe and I say these words to each other every time we get. Whether you are at seven months, seven years, or seventy years I hope you say them to the ones you love every chance you get.