Photo courtesy of Flickr Commons

I’d like to Eat Spirals of Cheezy/Porky Goodness

Photo courtesy of Flickr Commons

Photo courtesy of Flickr Commons.

So many of the food items that I want to cook on Pinterest are the exact opposite of healthy. A lot of them have butter and cheese as the main ingredients which make them perfect for these cooler months. When you are wearing layers of clothing, a few layers of cellulite aren’t even noticeable.

Are you looking for a dish to get that body into fleece lined jeans/wool coat season? Look no further than these Ham and Cheese Pretzel Bites or these Mediterranean Crescent Pinwheels . If you are not a fan of feta or basil and want to keep it simple, the first option from is what you want. The second recipe, is a great step up with a bit of international kick and is from Pillsbury.

As you can see they take no time to make, and any leftovers you might have (yeah right) can be reheated in the oven/microwave.

Happy fat building! You are going to look great in that parka!


I Was Pinterest Pressured Into Making This Thing!

Busybook Damn you Pinterest! After stumbling across a “busy book” page on Pinterest I felt you-aren’t-a-good-mom-unless-you-make-one-of-these bullied into doing this book. Busy books are books that contain activities for toddlers and kids that will keep them occupied and quiet for a few glorious moments; and are good for traveling as everything can be contained in one small space. I didn’t sew any of the things in there like some of the books you will see here; and the lacing cards and Sesame Street counting cards were already at the house. Nonetheless the kid freaked out when he saw it and can’t wait to play with the things inside. Even the items he already owned.

  • 516 pack smiley face stickers and letter tracing cards are in the dollar section at this store
  • Sesame Street activity cards are available here
  • Melissa & Doug lacing cards are here
  • Blank face printable is free here

All items are contained in plastic sheet protectors or 3-ring hole plastic pencil cases that I loaded into a 3-ring binder. Mother of the year!!!!