Number 2 and Electronics Recycling

Two, two, two wonderful boxes have been unpacked! I spent my lunch hour unloading a mammouth under-the-bed box and the largest stack of tshirts ever at the condo. They have all been folded neatly and stored in my wonderful black Ikea shelf boxes and some of course are in the under-the-bed box.

One thing that will not be following me to the condo will be my VCR! I cannot believe I still have it. I was reluctant to ditch it as I still have GO!, America’s Sweethearts, When Harry Met Sally and Clueless on VHS but I guess I can register for them as wedding gifts on DVD. It, along with a bunch of old odd tape decks and other machinery will be taking a trip to the Electronic Recycling pickup at Grady High School. Every third saturday from 8am-4pm you can take your old electronics there and they make sure they are disposed of properly or put to good use. Another good reason to love living ITP.