Let the Decor Begin…..

While strolling through Ikea I broke the news to Joe that I LOVED decorating. I don’t think this threw him for a loop or anything but I had to make my intentions known. Our condo will be the cutest one in the building dang it!!! While there we picked up a floor lamp, a new shelf unit for the bedroom, a wall mounted lid holder, and magnetic spice canisters for inside kitchen cubbard doors. I know the last item is very Alton Brownish of us but we love that guy!!!

I recently got another man’s perspective on the curtain situation in our living room. They are currently striped(not so bad) and too short for the windows they are covering(foul!). I have been looking around for a nice solid, long, curtain to replace them. Our friend Reggie said to go for burnt orange to match the cool new throw pillows we got. While I have been a big fan of orange for some time now as an accent color in the home the new Atlanta Magazine’s Home is full of it. A midtown condo and a Brookhaven townhome are featured that both use orange throughout. That being said you would think I would have found something already but no! I may have to take a trip to one of the many fabric stores her on the westside for the perfect shade of orange… Forsyth Fabric anyone????