Happiness Is….

Checking another thing off of our wedding to-do list. Woo hoo!!

Last week I asked and received a great big “Yes” from a co-worker/bud to be our officiant at our wedding. I have worked with him for one year now and he is just the type of spirit I want to join Joe and I in Holy matrimony! He is a graduate of the Candler School of Theology at Emory and runs our Interfaith Disability Connection program here at BDI. Joe plans on paying him $20 to keep in the “honor and obey” line.

In other wedding news we met with Affairs to Remember for our catering. The rep there, Dana, was so nice and has been in the business a while. I am awaiting her quote and hoping it stays in our budget. Talking shop with her I learned that our next big choice will be the photographer! I have been hunting sites looking for someone who matches our style and wallets. I have found a really nice one who I will not mention as I fear it will jinx me. There prices appear to be up my alley but we shall see. Once one is decided on I will be sure to post it for all to see their website/work.

I also spoke with my wedding coordinator/friend Joy. I will be buying her many dinners and cocktails as we discuss the look and feel we are hoping to create. She is a queen of style, planning, hosting, and last but not least, getting what she wants. I have worked with Joy on many sporting events and she dosen’t miss a beat and is fun to work with. She puts flowers and votive candles in port-a-johnnies, so you know she likes for everything to be perfect! While at dinner with her and a couple that were married a few years ago the former bride asked if I had a wedding coordinator and when I sad no she reccommended Joy. Apparently she had shown up to their wedding as a guest but quickly became the directress. To put it bluntly the girl sees how things should go and enjoys making them just so…even if it means running a wedding you flew to Mexico for. That’s what friends are for.! And she makes me feel not so bad about my cleaning compulsion that has me in the kitchen at all of Alicia’s party’s putting dishes in the washer before the party is done.