Quit Getting On It.

The scale is that which I am referring to in the title. I always want to geton the dang thing and as they say a watched pot never boils.

I have been pretty good in my quest to lose a few pounds. This Sunday was not easy I must admit. I had burned off a lot of calories early doing yardwork and thought, “Hey I can get a Happy Meal, they are only 400 calories.” Little did I know there would be a keg at the baby shower later.I was expecting pastries and finger sandwiches not yummy beer! And thus man was the architect of his own demise. At the end of the day, after I entered in all of my bad foods into my Lose It program I had over shot my allocated calories by 995. Yikes! Yesterday I ate small very lean meals and worked out which resulted in my being under my allocated calories by 775. It is all about balance it would seem.

My goal this week is to not go over on any of my days and to stay away from the scale. My weight goal is to lose 10lb. I am currently at 3.1 lbs lost. Pray for me.