I Have Not Blogged Lately Because…

1. I am trying to read The Sky is Not The Limit by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
2. I am trying to read the new issue of Craft Magazine.
3. I am trying to do my daily BrainAge on my new Nintendo DS.
4. I am getting a crown put on a broken tooth at the dentist.
5. I am busy working out to fit into my wedding dress.
6. I am booking blocks of rooms at the W Midtown.
7. I am sleeping.
8. I am chilling on the sofa with Joe.
9. I am wasting time on Facebook.
10. I am going to trivia.
11. I am watching The City on On Demand.
12. I am watching 24 on Fox.com
13.I am watching Grey’s Anatomy on ABC.com
14. I am writing the company newsletter.
15. I am making a drink.

But I love you! Mean it.