Green Green Green

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My original color of choice for my bridesmaids was green. It generally looks good on everyone so I thought it was a good choice. Until I saw the inside of our chosen place of nuptuals and realized it was a lot of green going on in there and I didn’t want our wedding to look like a big green monster. (I know I am crazy and paranoid but just hear me out.) Luckily my friend/wedding coordinator/advisor agreed with me and thought I should consider something brighter. We now have the beautiful blend of orange/coral/persimmon working it’s way through everything and I am very happy. On the dresses, invites and bouquets will be these warm summer colors.
When it came time to think about table decor my mind couldn’t help but go back to all of the beautiful green things I had seen. I have been gathering vases and votives for a while now; resolute in the fact that my tables didn’t need to match and many different table options was a good thing. Finally this weekend while taking stock of all of my gathered booty and referencing my tables have come together. A mixture of dried peas, moss, sand, round glass vases, tall glass vases, pillar candles, small votives, tall green re-used wine and water bottles, and succulent plants all tied together with a few orange/coral flowers and ribbon will make for festive summer centerpieces that I am hoping all of my guests will want to take home.

A few weekends before the wedding will be spent making all of these pieces fit together with the help of my girls. Between now and then I am hoping to also score some small boxes to transport the combinations to the reception site. Each box will contain all of the elements for one table’s decorations. I am making this process as idiot proof as possible. Clean, easy and green…