ingredients for noodle dish

A Bowl and Chopsticks

I was up way too late last night and stumbled upon these picnic bowl recipes on the 101 Cookbooks website. The ginger soba noodle bowl is looking mighty good as I am a carb slut and ginger dressing is a gift from GOD! We already have tarragon and tofu at the house so this may happen this week. Fingers crossed people!!!


After picking up these Soba noodles, shallots, grilled chicken breast (too lazy too cook the tofu the original recipe asks for), and miso ginger dressing at the store; I added ginger and soy we already had at home. Truth be told I was so in love with the picture of the completed dish I failed to see all of the ingredients it called for. Let’s call this one my “prototype”.  I added a bit of salt, freshly ground pepper, and red pepper flakes.

ingredients for noodle dish



The results:

photo 1-2

Not bad if I do say so myself. The kid scarfed it down and that is always a good sign. Maybe next time I will actually follow the directions and buy the correct ingredients. Or maybe I will build on this creation I came up with myself…a hard boiled egg, a few grilled shrimp, a bit of Chinese five spice..hmm. That sounds tasty.

Eat up!