All Praise Elfa

This weekend I took on the task of clearing out our pantry. It was a chore to say the least. Food dating back to the turn of the millennium was unearthed, as was the need for more storage. God bless whoever thought such a tiny pantry would store enough food options for anyone with a real palate. In our world you have curry pastes, four different salsas, a wide array of cous cous flavors, and a cracker for every occasion. Therefore, our pantry needed to have room for it all without looking like a hot mess. Allow me to introduce the Elfa closet door system. With four different shelf options from tall-spice to fat-soda -bottle widths it was the answer to our culinary needs. The entire system as seen in the picture will run you around 80 bucks but it is beyond sturdy and is very easy to put together. You can pick yours up at The Container Store and mix and match the design to your shelving needs!
Organization is beautiful and now our pantry is as well. Let’s buy more food!!!!!!