Recycle the world.

In the past three days I have made two very large donations to Goodwill. Joe and I visited my storage unit this week and boy did I have some junk in some of those boxes. I actually found a used SOS pad in one of them. Here are just a few things that went to Goodwill:

  • a computer monitor
  • cordless phone
  • keyboard
  • 8 pairs of shoes
  • microwave
  • small clock
  • 3 heavy sweaters
  • 2 purses

I also stumbled across many books that I have read and do not feel a need to stuff back into storage or try to squeeze onto our already tight shelves. I will take a trip out to the Book Nook today to ditch them. You have to love the many opportunities there are in this town to make your trash someone elses treasure and not cram landfills.

The funny thing about living for over a year without many of your belongings is that you realize how many of them you do not need because you cannot remember most of them. There were several college textbooks I had no use for and I finally let go of my ancient Doc Martins from college that actually had mold on them. Joe got into the act too and when I arrived at the condo after work I was greeted with a stack of clothing he was donating. I hope to slowly turn him into a clutter free man. Or at least a little less clutter. As we join our things together storage space has become a premium and we need as little clutter as possible. Pray for me.


Number 2 and Electronics Recycling

Two, two, two wonderful boxes have been unpacked! I spent my lunch hour unloading a mammouth under-the-bed box and the largest stack of tshirts ever at the condo. They have all been folded neatly and stored in my wonderful black Ikea shelf boxes and some of course are in the under-the-bed box.

One thing that will not be following me to the condo will be my VCR! I cannot believe I still have it. I was reluctant to ditch it as I still have GO!, America’s Sweethearts, When Harry Met Sally and Clueless on VHS but I guess I can register for them as wedding gifts on DVD. It, along with a bunch of old odd tape decks and other machinery will be taking a trip to the Electronic Recycling pickup at Grady High School. Every third saturday from 8am-4pm you can take your old electronics there and they make sure they are disposed of properly or put to good use. Another good reason to love living ITP.