Creative Storage and Cohabitating!

I am in the middle of trying to pull all of my life together and move it to midtown. So far I have only unpacked one box. This sad box that had been sitting in my mother’s garage for a year was finally unpacked and its contents cleaned. It was full of my Pappered Chef bakeware, serving dishes and pie/cake/cookie cooling rack. My mom actually found a big box for me and I have begun to put things in it. It seems like such a huge task even though I am doing it gradually. My big project will be the concept of storing all of my things. Mainly clothes, books and shoes. One comforting thought is that I can leave a lot of crap at my moms house and not immediately have to make the big move to my storage unit. I have been eyeing these cute under-the-bed storage bins that I really like.

We recently bought these really nice wooden bed lifts to make more room under the bed. They are so much nicer than those hideous plastic white ones they sell at Bed Bath and Beyond. I found a set in dark cherry wood for only $14.95 at TJ Maxx in Cobb. I think I can get two of these soft sided bins under there and that is a lot of clothes. The closet has been majorly ignored by Joe as he as used it as a dumping ground for things he dosent even wear. This week his friend Melissa commented, “You shouldn’t have many clothes in the closet. You always wear the same thing.” Thank God someone else said it. He agreed and now I think that is a very good jumping off point for us to go through the mysterious blue bins on the top shelf and make generous donations to the local Goodwill.

As we venture to join our two lives and possessions I will chronicle it all in photo format here. I have found many sources of inspiration though….

Joe and I love maps. I own my own 1960 circa European map that belongs above a chalk board. But I found this on apartment therapy and I thought it was really cute..

I like the use of muted tones and exciting pieces that draw your eyes upward in these two rooms.

Wish us luck on joining our two styles!!!