Sun and Fun Can Beat It. It’s Time to Get My Boot On!

Can we be done with summer already?! I know you are all loving the sun and the fun; but I have been sweating balls here in Georgia and am in need of some cool breezes and a reason to wear my boots. Also I need a reason to buy new boots like these yummy ones. A few of them only go up to a size 10; but I am sure my foot would magically shrink (I wear an 11) to accommodate their wonderfulness.

I also need to win the lottery as some of this beauties cost a grip!!!



Blessed B!!!(B is for boots!)

I am soo excited because tonight the temperature is dropping to 47 degrees here in Atlanta. I relish the crisp air of fall. For me it smells more “Fall” than a dozen freshly sharpened pencils! 47 degrees is only 15 degrees warmer that the temperature that water freezes at and if that dosen’t signal the official start of boot and tight season I don’t know what does.
Now some of you may say…”It’s not cold enough for boots!”…
but as a cold weather loving freak I cannot wait for the first frost of the season to break them out! Fall is here so bring it on!
My collection of fabulous footwear has grown over the years but has often been limited by my shoe size(10.5-11). I would be Imelda Freakin’ Marcos if I wore a normal size let me tell you. I look for comfort, classic-style and versatility. The buckle boot pictured was one of my favorite pairs ever. Once I tired of the buckle adornment I removed it with a box cutter! Voila..a whole new pair of boots.
Last year while stolling the aisles of TJMaxx I stumbled upon a pair of cornflower blue boots in the same buckle style. They were meant to be as 1) They actually fit even though they were a size 10 and 2) they were only $35.00.
This season has brought some awesome new styles that are long on length and flat in heel. Not all of us are made for stilletos.

The Apebazza “Zebu” boot at Nordstrom $294.95

The Matisse Subway boot $209.95
So the next time you see me notice the footwear and peep the tights(another addiction).
Check back for beautiful sonnets and tales of wool, turtle necks and tweed(sigh)…