Oww My Aching Legs

3 miles is the new me.

I am the new three miles.

I have reached the five pound mark on my goal to losing 10 pounds. It has not been easy but I have gained a bit of endurance during these 4 weeks. Most importantly is my distance numbers. Yesterday I met Janin at the park and we did a little over three miles. Running 5 minutes and walking 5 minutes. The day before that I did three miles as well and I am officially proclaiming it my new standard.

I need to decide on what my day of rest will be. I know that you should give your body a break and not completely wear it out but the end of work out rush combined with the results on the scale are hard to ignore.

My next purchase will be the Nike+ to track all of my miles and speed. Click here to read an awesome article on living by the numbers and how personal metrics following is a great way to stay motivated in your health goals!