Looking Back and Getting to It

2012 was a great year but now it is gone. Looking forward to goals I have for myself in this new year can be daunting but remembering all that I have achieved in the past gives me great strength and confidence that I can make those goals a reality.

Months ago I bought a sewing pattern for a pouf style ottoman. I have needed to commit myself to it and choose fabric but I have been such a slacker. Getting in my way was a promise I made to my mother-in-law to create an electronic gadget charger carrying case for her. (Yes that was a mouth full.) After much thinking and rough drafts I sat down and within two days completed it. Procrastination not only wastes time, it creates doubt in yourself.

Get to it in 2013.



Happy New Year to all. This past year has been amazing and we were so blessed in so many ways. Here’s hoping yours was too and may you have a wonderful and prosperous 2013.

If you partied like we did last night I also hope you get a good nap in today too. They do wonders.